Why change your air filters?

Since filters are often not seen, they are easily overlooked. The small to the very large facility can have thousands of dollars invested in HVAC equipment. All HVAC equipment has some type of filter or filters to capture harmful airborne particles. These filters require regular changes. 

The old saying "pay now or pay later" applies to air filters. It costs a fraction to change air filters regularly versus the expense of not changing. Not changing air filters results in increased electricity consumption, negative health effects, expensive mechanical damage, and shortening the operating life of the HVAC equipment.

If air filters are not changed routinely, the before mentioned problems will certainly occur and possible many others (mold, mildew, water damage, product damage, productivity loss, fire hazard, etc.)

Routine filter changes are a wise choice.


Kleen-Air can help your organization change air filters safely, regularly, and economically.

We can evaluate your facility's environment and develop an air filter service program to meet your exact needs. Kleen-Air Filter is a regional provider of air filter installation service to commercial, industrial and governmental facilities. We have trained, experienced, insured and professional air filter service technicians. When the Kleen-Air service technicians arrive at your facility, know that they will be uniformed and will have passed drug and criminal background checks.

Also, all Kleen-Air service vehicles are satellite tracked and history maintained. Currently our primary areas of service are Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. We have professional contacts and can help you with filter and/or service for anywhere in the continental United States.

Kleen-Air provides installation service and sells air filters to many HVAC mechanical contractors. The mechanical contractors are the air conditioning experts, but Kleen-Air is an air filtration service expert. Many HVAC mechanical contractors choose to use our service, because we can provide air filters and installation service at a more economical cost.

Kleen-Air can help you design an air filter service program for small, large, or many facilities. Our expert services are reliable, economical, and turn-key -- once you contact Kleen-Air you can rest easy knowing your air filter maintenance program is being handled.