KA Series Pleat Filters

All of Kleen-Air's KA Series Pleat Filters are rated according to Ashrae 52.2 standards. The KA series filter media is bonded to maximum rust resistant galvanized expanded metal to support the media and to maintain uniformity of the pleats. The pleated filter insert is enclosed in a heavy-duty, moisture resistant die-cut beverage board frame. The heavy-duty beverage board frame will stand up to rough handling, extreme service conditions, and will help to provide a longer service life for the filter. The pleated filter insert is bonded to the interior of the beverage board outer frame with a water-based polymer emulsion adhesive that covers 100% of the interior of the beverage board die-cut to ensure filter integrity and to prevent air bypass.

KLEEN Extended Surface Pocket Filters

Kleen-Air offers Extended Surface Pocket Filters in options of Merv 14, Merv 13, Merv 11, and Merv 9. Extended surface pocket filters are primarily used in high efficiency systems such as hospitals, food processing plants, telecommunications facilities, and other facilities where indoor air quality is of the utmost importance.